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Hyundai Customer Experience Survey

If you are looking for a channel to express your feelings and thoughts about Hyundai, the Hyundai Customer Experience Survey is the outlet for you. Knowing what customers want is very important for the company to make changes and grow. Your opinions are greatly appreciated and will help to create the best customer experience.

Hyundai Customer Experience Survey Guide

  • Go to Hyundai Customer Experience Survey online page. (See Reference Link 1)
  • Enter your vehicle registration number and security code. You can find these information in the grey box on your postcard. Click “start” button to enter the survey.Hyundai Customer Experience Survey
  • Follow the instructions of the survey and answer some questions about your recent experience with Hyundai.

About Hyundai
Hyundai Motor Company, based in South Korean, is the fourth largest automotive manufacturer in the world. It entered into the vehicle business in 1967 and has spread into the market of 193 countries since then. The company stresses on every automotive assumption and vows to meet the needs that really matter about a car. With its openness and honesty, Hyundai hopes to make the best production for customers.

Reference Link

  1. Hyundai Customer Experience Survey Link: www.hyundaicustomerexperience.co.uk
  2. Hyundai Official Website: www.hyundaiusa.com

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Rating 2.85votes

  1. Rated 2

    Great service. Quick quality service.

  2. Rated 1

    Power steering stopped working and I almost had an accident. They towed the car back to the Delray Hyundai dealer a month ago and they still cant figure out what is wrong. Every time I call they either don”t call back or cant find the service manager . He must be a ghost or a relative to the owner. Paying lease payments on a car I don’t have. It is the worst dealership I ever dealt with.

  3. Rated 1

    Hi, Sorry for delay. My experience with the Mansfield branch was terrible. They collected the car was supposed to be back in same day. They phoned and said it would need the part for recall. Then they said it needed new disc and brakes front and rear possibly and two new tyres.
    This was part of free diagnostics.Cost of nearly £1000-00. I sa id i would think about it. The next day I said i would get them done soon. They told me they could not bring my car back as it was illegal to drive which i didn’t think they was that worn but was told it was videoed.
    So i agreed to the new tyres. I was not happy. I took my car to another garage. got the work done. to the cost of £300-00 plus the new tyres cost of tyres £250. I phoned the garage and asked to speak to the manager. Of which he apologised i asked to see video footage of which he could not find. Not surprising and the person who told me of all this had left the company that day. Was not convinced of the state of the tyres i just thought they was ripping me off.
    Keith Butler

  4. Rated 5


  5. Rated 5

    I Lõve mu car

  6. says:

    i found that at the time of appling for a mobility car that your rep mr Jamie meddup who dealt with us was very helpful and polity in giving information and the whole application for the hyundia Tucson se sav was really good in all aspects and put us under no pressure during our application and now we have the car in our position find it very good in all ways of use comfort looks and well worth the money thank you to all at Bristol street motors especially Jamie

  7. says:

    just tell them you better let me take drvi`res ed or else i`ll beat you up and throw you out of the house and then i`ll go to drivers ed myself!

  8. says:

    Customer Experience, is useless, It does not recognise my vehicle registration number nor the security code you sent me. Wonderful system of records !

  9. says:

    Complete waste of time – cannot gain access. Says my reg and code are not valid. HUH

  10. says:

    Great Experience with Sonata.

  11. says:

    Hi,i can not access the survey. After spending all this money on this mailing you could at least make it someone’s job to check this out BEFORE you mail to us. Please fix and send corrected information to me. I love contests and would love a chance to win.

  12. says:

    It is impossible to complete this survey [HAVE YOU TRIED ?]

  13. says:

    Tried starting the survey according to the instructions on the letter and on the postcard but found it impossible to get passed entry.
    I did enter the code number and passcode number but your survey would not accept it.


  14. says:

    the free 7 day insurance after purchasing a new car unfortunately was not applicable to me because of my age, this proved to be awkward and I had to self insure the car immediately for a number of days which incurred an extra cost to myself
    please make your sales personnel aware of this issue

  15. says:

    very pleased

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